Finance Officer

Finance Officer

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Job Description

World Scout Bureau – European Regional Office


World Scouting

"The Mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society."
The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is one of the largest youth organisations in the world. Scouting is a grassroots educational youth movement that is truly bottom-up in its structure and approach in engaging young people from all over the world.

World Scouting today is a confederation of 172 National Scout Organizations (NSOs) in a network of over 57 million members in more than one million local community Scout groups. Some seven million members are adult volunteers who support the local activities, resulting in a huge multiplier effect.
Through peer-to-peer leadership supported by adults, each local Scout Group embraces the same set of values illustrated in the Scout Promise and Law. Each of our one million local Scout Groups follows a similar system of non-formal education suited to the unique aspects of their local community.

WOSM is an independent, worldwide, non-profit, and non-partisan organisation, which serves the Scout Movement through its NSO members. Its purpose is to promote unity and the understanding of Scouting's purpose and principles, while facilitating its expansion and development.

The World Scout Bureau (WSB) is the Secretariat of WOSM. It comprises of approximately 130 professional staff, based in nine locations worldwide:

• Belgium, Brussels (Europe Support Centre)
• Egypt, Cairo (Arab Support Centre)
• Kenya, Nairobi (Africa Support Centre)
• Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Global Support Centre)
• Panama, Panama City (Interamerica Support Centre)
• Philippines, Makati City (Asia-Pacific Support Centre)
• Switzerland, Geneva (Europe Support Centre)
• Switzerland, Geneva (Global Support Centre)
• Ukraine, Kijv (Eurasia Support Centre)


The European Scout Region of WOSM and European Region of UNICEF have recently announced a regional partnership and funding agreement to support the humanitarian response in countries being impacted by the war in Ukraine.
We invite candidates interested in the position described below to apply by sending a cover letter and CV at


The goal of the partnership project is to leverage UNICEF training and resources in the ongoing relief provided by National Scout Organizations to mobilise volunteers and invest in the long-term integration and education of young people being impacted by the war in Ukraine. Through a phased approach, the project will enable an immediate response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis with ongoing support and activities varying according to local needs, capacity and priorities.
This will include a coordination of actions, reporting and development of programmes, activities that are aligned and following Scouting’s educational method.

Position Concept – Finance Officer

The Finance Officer will carry out the overall financial management and reporting of the project through, its accounting, compliance with requirements of the donor and support to the project beneficiaries.

Roles and Reponsibilities

The Finance Officer is expected to:

● Ensure financial management of the overall project
○ Perform accounting processes
○ Ensure compliance with donor’s requirements in all financial transactions
○ Produce quality accounting reports

● Support all project beneficiaries (National Scout Organizations) in the financial management of their sub-grant based on the donor’s requirement:
○ Facilitate the set-up of clear compliance mechanisms with donor’s requirements in all financial transactions
○ Establish a coordinated reporting mechanism to ensure timely financial reporting from each beneficiary

● Carry out financial reporting
○ Produce and submit regular consolidated financial reports of all sub-grants based on donor’s requirement

● Implement control systems for the project
○ Ensure alignment with WSB ICSs and Financial Management Best Practices
○ Contribute to the project risk assessment reviews
○ Support the audit preparation and take part to the audit(s)

● Work together with UNICEF Project Team to ensure transversality, communication, synergies.

Competencies required

● Commercial education with accounting diploma or relevant equivalent experience
● Experience in accounting and financial management in the non-profit sector
● Experience with donor funded large scale projects desired
● Experience with UNICEF reporting mechanisms established by UNICEF a plus
● Ability to maintain records effectively and deal with large scale projects and associated budgets
● Strong command of digital tools and systems
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
● Experience in a international work environment a plus