Global Petrochemical Campaign Coordinator

Global Petrochemical Campaign Coordinator

CHF 70000 - CHF 85000 / year
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Center for International Environmental Law

  • CAMPAIGN FOCUS:  Global Petrochemical Strategy Coordination for the BFFP Movement
  • PROGRAM: Climate & Energy
  • SUPERVISOR: Climate & Energy Deputy Director
  • LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland or Remote (preferably in Europe)
  • SALARY RANGE:  USD $70,000-85,000 depending on qualifications (may vary depending on location)
  • DURATION: This is a one year contract with potential to extend based on renewed funding.
  • DEADLINE: Rolling applications with the first/priority review on October 24, 2022


Petrochemical production - from plastic, to agrochemicals and other fossil fuel-derived chemicals - is the fossil fuel industry’s Plan B, as pressure to decarbonize energy and transport systems mounts globally. Addressing petrochemicals is therefore a key component of any global strategy to stop plastic pollution and to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The collective work of Break Free from Plastic (BFFP) members, including CIEL, working together in the BFFP EU-transatlantic petrochemical task force and the global working group that has guided BFFP’s strategy process has made significant progress in creating a joint work plan and coordinated activities. The approach is threefold: (1) targeting key expansion projects (i.e. iconic fights particularly in the US and Europe and those with a transatlantic angle, supporting further capacity building and strategy development in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America), (2) reducing industry’s access to finance, and (3) undermining their business as usual narrative, which involves their aggressive promotion of false solutions and techno-fixes (such as CCUS and blue hydrogen) to justify continued production. The overall and long-term goal is to stop the petrochemical build out and manage the decline of the petrochemicals industry towards a just transition, to result in a reduction and ultimately a phase out of virgin fossil plastic production.

The Global Petrochemical Campaign Coordinator will be responsible for advancing the above set of objectives by working with other CIEL staff members and BFFP’s global coordination team, enabling members in the different regions to lead the implementation of relevant projects and activities, and by creating synergies across movements, including with those fighting oil and gas. The position will be based in CIEL’s Climate & Energy program, supervised by the program’s deputy director, and will work closely with colleagues in the Climate & Energy as well as the Environment & Health programs to enable an effective and collaborative implementation of the joint strategies.

The position requires work within international coalitions and across timezones, as well as extensive international travel, occasionally for significant periods (health guidance permitting).


Coordination Responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with the CIEL supervisor, relevant CIEL staff, and the BFFP coordination team, facilitate and coordinate the implementation of the agreed BFFP global petrochemical strategy, overseeing relevant work and advocacy across regions to achieve measurable progress towards the achievement of  strategic priorities and objectives, ensuring the highest quality work product:
    • Build, coordinate, strengthen and/or mobilize diverse coalitions, facilitate strategic conversation and ensure significant movement participation in key and coordinated activities in support of the strategy.
    • Liaise with leadership from other parts of the movement, including other BFFP workstream leads, regional coordinators and the Steering Committee, as needed. Lead joint planning to develop audacious and achievable goals, actionable plans, and indicators of progress.
    • Assist in the design and updating of the petrochemical strategy to educate and mobilize various movement partners to advance campaign goals.
    • Organize, coordinate, and participate in relevant events.
    • Maintain a working knowledge of relevant policies, industry trends, political and regulatory frameworks, and issue areas.
    • Maintain effective working relationships with relevant partner organizations and movements / networks, including frontline/grassroots partners, as well as government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, and/or other stakeholders.
    • As appropriate, represent CIEL and/or BFFP before policymakers, in media interviews, and at public events to contribute to strategic objectives.
  • Coordinate with the CIEL Communications Department and the BFFP Communications Hub to develop and distribute materials and compelling content that advance campaign goals, including fact sheets, press releases, webinars, videos, and other informational materials. Engage in media and communications activities will be performed in line with the agreed communications protocol jointly developed by CIEL and BFFP for this purpose.

Project Management:

  • Manage the BFFP Petrochemical Coordination project, including tracking the budget and key elements of the aforementioned project, and preparing reports and follow-up proposals related to the same in coordination with CIEL’s development department.
  • Assist in information flow within the CIEL Climate & Energy program, other CIEL programs, and across BFFP coordinators.
  • Advise and help oversee identified projects essential to advancing the BFFP petrochemical strategy.
  • Lead the review of the BFFP petrochemical strategy, as well as evaluation of its overall impact.
  • Support fundraising for the BFFP petrochemical strategy.
  • Perform other job-related duties as requested or assigned by the CIEL supervisor in consultation with the BFFP Global Coordinator.

Management and Administration:

  • Maintain timesheets and submit them on time.
  • Meet periodically as requested, with the CIEL supervisor and BFFP global coordinator for annual and quarterly work planning
  • Meet periodically as requested, with CIEL program director, CIEL leadership, and other team members at CIEL and BFFP.
  • Participate in weekly staff and team meetings and other organizational activities at CIEL, including an annual staff performance evaluation.
  • Engage in quarterly work planning meetings with BFFP global coordinator and CIEL supervisor.
  • Meet target dates, prioritize tasks, and ensure high-quality work.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • At least 5 years of experience coordinating impactful strategies within international coalitions.
  • At least 3 years of experience with international coalitions, movement building, and environmental or human rights campaigns related to petrochemicals and plastics.
  • Strong alignment with the principles of environmental justice and BFFP movement values of trust, respect, diversity inclusion and equity.
  • Exceptional project management skills and demonstrated experience working with flexible timelines and clear deliverables.
  • Comfort working with and facilitating generative conversations for a wide range of constituencies.
  • Familiarity with the drivers and impacts of climate change and plastic pollution, particularly the fossil fuel industry, and their environmental justice implications.
  • Demonstrated ability to distill key messages from technical information, legal arguments, research, and proposals, and translate them to different audiences.
  • Able to oversee and deliver multiple priorities by target dates and perform a wide variety of tasks over the course of the workday.
  • Able to work both separately and collaboratively, in close coordination across teams.
  • Comfort admitting what you don’t know and recognizing that seeking and receiving feedback is part of the learning process.
  • Awareness of how your words and actions affect others, openness to and respect for others’ perspectives.
  • Able to travel internationally, and for extended periods (public safety guidelines permitting).

Desired Qualifications:

  • Professional proficiency in French and/or Spanish
  • At least 7 years of experience coordinating impactful strategies within international coalitions.

Location note: This position may be eligible to work from the following locations:

  • In our Geneva, Switzerland office provided you have the ability to legally work in Switzerland (i.e., a citizen of EU/EFTA member states) - PREFERRED
  • Remotely from Europe, provided you have your own legal work authorization; due to the concentration of some of the key activities within Europe, location within Europe is preferred secondarily to the Geneva office.
  • Remotely from the US or another country, depending on the country and provided you can work within South/North American and African/European time zones AND have obtained your own legal work authorization.
  • In our Washington, DC, USA office, provided you have obtained your own legal work authorization (CIEL cannot sponsor work visas)