Head of Operations Excellence

Head of Operations Excellence

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Job Description

Initiatives of Change Caux Fondation


The Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation (Caux Foundation) is seeking an engaging, compassionate, energetic, highly organised Head of Operations Excellence for their team to implement and develop the Caux Foundation’s strategy 2022-2030.

The Head of Operations Excellence is an agile, systems thinker and executor. This newly created position oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Caux Initiatives of Change. He/she focusses on optimising and improving the efficiency of operational processes. The Head of Operations Excellence is a member of the Leadership Team and serves as a trusted thought partner to the Executive Director (ED).

This is a full-time or 80% position based in Caux, above Montreux, Switzerland with responsibilities for deliverables guided by the Enabling Strategies and the programme logframe 2024-2026.

  • Position: Head of Operations Excellence
  • Reports to: Executive Director of the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation
  • Duty station: Caux, Switzerland
  • Type of contract: Open-ended


The Head of Operations Excellence will manage the administrative functions and support staff (currently five), who are not directly involved in front-line operations, handling internal functions necessary for smooth operations.

The Head of Operations Excellence will oversee tasks related to administration, finance, human resources including volunteers, planning, risk management, information technology, compliance and other internal operations.

This role requires effective leadership, strategic planning, and coordination to ensure that the back-office functions efficiently support the overall objectives of Caux Initiatives of Change.

The Head of Operations Excellence will lead Caux Initiatives of Change to establish supportive and enabling practices, secure and adapt the global infrastructure, and design innovative systems and methods toward an inclusive organisational culture with equitable practices within the paid staff and the volunteers.

Working with a future-focused team, this role will manage people and systems and is responsible for influencing the alignment of resources and strategy across the organisation.

The role will support efforts to secure strategic funding opportunities and ensure agile financial and resourcing stewardship.


Human Resources Enabling Strategy

Improve the Human Resources policies that provide a high level of support to team members, foster sustainable work practices, and practices/policies which are equitable across the organisation.

This includes:

  • Support the ED in the continued development of a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Monitor the implementation of safeguarding measures against discrimination in the workplace to foster a fair and inclusive environment.
  • Lead training programmes and champion employee development.
  • Encourage positive relationships between employees and be prepared to step in and mediate conflicts.
  • Improve employee engagement and motivation.

Volunteering Enabling Strategy

  • Oversee the definition of the various volunteer roles within the organisation, the specification of expectations regarding commitment, responsibilities, and conduct.
  • Ensure that volunteers are adequately prepared for their roles.
  • Specify the level of supervision and support volunteers can expect.
  • Outline expected behaviour, professionalism, and adherence to organisational policies.
  • Implement the Volunteer Enabling Strategy and work plan using the systems and processes in place (as at June 24).

Information Technology Enabling Strategy

  • Ensure effective oversight of the information technology function and internal working group.
  • Ensure the organisation adapts to the evolving technological landscape and ensures that IT remains an enabler for the Caux Initiatives of Change operations.

This requires a holistic approach that addresses governance, strategy, risk, compliance, security, operations, resource management, communication, and continuous improvement.

Financial Management

  • Foster a collaborative and efficient approach to managing the Caux Initiatives of Change budgets, ensuring that resources are allocated strategically, financial targets are achieved, and the organisation's overall goals are supported.
  • Present financial aspects in a clear and concise manner to empower decision-makers with the necessary information to make sound and informed choices.

Risk Management

  • Oversee the implementation of the comprehensive risk management framework that includes identification, assessment, mitigation, and continuous monitoring to proactively manage operational risks and enhance overall performance resilience.

Process Improvement

  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and implementation to enhance efficiency.
  • Foster a culture of continuous enhancement and of the ability to quickly and effectively respond to changing circumstances, adapt to new challenges, and mobilize resources in a dynamic and flexible manner.

Environmentally responsible practices

  • Oversee the integration of environmentally responsible practices into the operations and culture of Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation.
  • Provide organisational and partnership guidance and monitoring to ensure the successful execution of practices. This not only helps to address environmental challenges but also contributes to building a positive reputation, attracting environmentally conscious participants to Caux, and fostering long-term resilience in a rapidly changing world.

Performance Monitoring

  • Oversee a systematic and strategic approach to monitoring and evaluating the Caux Initiatives of Change activities, ultimately leading to better decision-making and increased effectiveness.
  • Establish an adapted Monitoring and Evaluation system that contributes to organisational learning, accountability, and improved performance.


  • The relationship between the Head of Operations Excellence and staff are to be characterised by effective leadership, communication, and a commitment to fostering a positive and fearless work environment.
  • The Head of Operations Excellence is a member of the Caux initiatives of Change leadership team and reports to the Executive Director.
  • A strong and collaborative relationship between the Head of Operations Excellence and the rest of the leadership team is essential for organizational success.


  • We ambition our Employee Value Proposition to be directly linked to our values, purpose and strategy.
  • We put our strategy into action with day-to-day interventions to encourage and develop networks of people to build trust across the world’s divides, lead ethically and live sustainably.
  • We aim to create more inclusive talent processes, allowing our teams to live their purpose in everyday work.
  • We ambition to create a healthy and inspirational workplace where our team members can be their best (professional) self and live a distinctive experience, the Caux Transformative Experience.
  • We offer competitive compensation, physical office space, location, computer equipment, flexibility, and schedules.
  • We offer different ways to help employees acquire new skills.
  • We offer connection and community as the benefits that come from being part of a larger group.
  • The size of the team makes it possible to be appreciated and valued for who you are, allowing a sense of mutual accountability, and social relationships.
  • We aim to offer an energizing culture that allows people to express themselves candidly and engenders a sense of belonging.
  • We ambition working in a fearless organization with a bold spirit and ability to successfully navigate dynamic and changing environments.


A combination of technical expertise, skills, and knowledge are required to effectively oversee and manage the administrative and operational functions of the back office.


  • Have the ability to get excited about the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation’s mission and strategies to 2030.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for an inclusive and supportive environment.  A positive attitude, open-mindedness, and team spirit.
  • Ability to manage uncertainty and complexity.


People Management

  • Proven experience and technical capabilities to foster a positive workplace culture and drive organizational success.
  • Understanding of and practice on gender equality and on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Experience in leading and managing staff and teams.

Project Management

  • Competence in project management methodologies.
  • Experience in coordinating and overseeing back-office projects.
  • Experience in setting project timelines, milestones, and deliverables.

Process Optimisation

  • Skills in optimising back-office processes for efficiency.
  • Continuous improvement mindset to enhance operational workflows.

Financial Acumen:

  • Understanding of financial management principles.
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting skills.
  • Experience in financial reporting and analysis.


  • Professional fluency in French and English


  • Professional fluency in German
  • Work experiences across cultures.

If you are a mission-driven person, find the Caux Initiatives of Change mission aspirational and correspond to the profile, we invite you to apply by Tuesday 26 March COB. The first interviews of short-listed candidates are planned for Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 April 2024 in Caux, above Montreux.

Please send your motivation letter and your CV by email and indicate your name on the subject line followed by “Head of Operations Excellence”. All applications will be reviewed and an answer to all applications will be given.