ECLT Foundation


The Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundation (ECLT Foundation) is committed to collaborative solutions for children, farmers and families to combat the root causes of child labour in agriculture.

Founded as an independent Swiss foundation in 2000 to bring together key stakeholders against child labour in areas where tobacco is grown, the ECLT Foundation is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Foundation is a member of the UN Global Compact and holds special consultative status with UN ECOSOC.

The ECLT Foundation works towards a world with thriving agricultural communities, where children are free of child labour, can go to school and develop in a safe environment.  ECLT believes that supporting capacities and building lasting partnerships for sustainable solutions are the best ways to address root causes of child labour, from communities to national and international levels, and promote positive change.

By engaging policy makers, businesses across tobacco and other agricultural sectors, unions, development agencies, organisations working on the ground and communities themselves, ECLT works to create an enabling environment so that the actions of every stakeholder go further to fight child labour and promote development in farming communities.