Humanitarian Exchange and Research Center (HERE-Geneva)


Founded in 2014, the Humanitarian Exchange and Research Centre (HERE-Geneva) is an independent organisation that examines the gaps between policy and humanitarian practice. Our Geneva-based team of experienced researchers and analysts are dedicated to building out evidence and put forward constructive analyses of where the gaps are, and where gains can be made for governments and agencies to fulfil their humanitarian responsibilities and commitments.

We carry out evaluations, reviews, and other research and foster dialogue. We undertake our own dedicated programme of research or carry out assignments at the request of others. Unconstrained by affiliation, we do not shy away from speaking truth to power and propose transformative changes. Too often we see that time and energy are wasted when persistent political problems are tackled with technical solutions. Such solutions also risk losing sight of the values and principles that orient humanitarians to do the right thing and not only do things right. The systemic issues that our research unearths point to the continuous relevance of humanitarian principles, protection, and accountability, which are critical to the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action.

Since its inception, HERE-Geneva has carried out both real-time and ex-post evaluations of specific country-based humanitarian responses. We have also led both global and country-based thematic, policy and strategic evaluations and reviews. The focus of our evaluation/review work is often strategic and policy-based on issues such as accountability, refugee/IDP participation in policy-related processes, protection, coordination, humanitarian principles. We use mixed methods approaches, combining surveys with interviews with key stakeholders and direct observation with in-country visits. HERE-Geneva has designed and conducted evaluations and reviews for a broad range of humanitarian organisations and donor governments, including IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, ICRC, MSF, DRC, as well as the Dutch MFA.