International Social Service – General Secretariat

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International Social Service (ISS) is an international NGO founded in 1924; today a network of national entities and a General Secretariat that assist children and families confronted with complex social problems as a result of migration. Thanks to its presence in more than 120 countries, ISS is a global actor promoting child protection and welfare. In addition to its work on the ground, ISS undertakes training projects, awareness raising and advocacy work in an effort to better respect children’s rights. ISS support and helps approximately 75,000 families in the world each year.

ISS Vision

ISS strives to protect, defend, and support children, families, and individuals separated as a consequence of cross-border migration. ISS aims to ensure that respect for human rights is accorded to every individual, especially to children.

ISS Mission

ISS is an international federation of interconnected NGOs and partners that works towards re-establishing links within a family separated by borders. The ISS network strives to find solutions that enhance the protection of children in vulnerable situations. Our key priorities are to protect the best interest of the child above all other considerations and to provide socio-legal counsel and psychological support. In the area of child protection and rights, advocacy, policy development, research, training and capacity building are among our main focus areas.