Principles for Peace Foundation

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The Principles for Peace Foundation (P4P) stands at the forefront of global peace engagement. Founded with the visionary aim to redefine peace engagement worldwide, P4P harnesses the Principles for Peace to catalyze transformative shifts in policy, practice, and financing, ultimately striving for a more durable and impactful peace. As an independent catalyst, P4P champions wide-reaching, multi-stakeholder collaboration and bridges actors across varied intervention levels, united by the Principles for Peace. Our influential global network weaves together experts from diplomatic, political, security, and development sectors, positioning us as a connective tissue that fosters equitable partnerships from the local grassroots to the international stage.

We curate a holistic reading and narrative of the peace and conflict landscape through our regional and country-specific Participatory Periodic Reviews for Peace (PPR). This knowledge ecosystem, underpinned by diverse sectoral insights, guides decision-makers, signaling pivotal moments for strategic redirection.

P4P’s endeavors in peace engagement are bolstered by a rich tapestry of tools – from peacegaming and playbooks to tailored simulations. These instruments, conceived in synergy with decision-makers experts and rooted in local wisdom, support peacemaking and peacebuilding strategies at varying scales, all guided by our foundational Principles for Peace.

These Principles, crafted through an exhaustive two-year evidence generational and consultation process involving 700 case studies and consultations in over 60 countries, encapsulate the contemporary call for a rejuvenated philosophy in peacemaking. They serve as a shared compass for diagnosis, decision-making, and timely interventions in the realm of peace. Our collaboration with the revered International Commission on Inclusive Peace and engagement with a myriad of stakeholders, from the grassroots to governmental echelons, has solidified Principles for Peace as the most expansive collective endeavor in the peace arena, with over 120 participating global organizations.