Consultant to Facilitate a Strategic Workshop for CM

Consultant to Facilitate a Strategic Workshop for CM

Echéance : 15/10/2023

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Civitas Maxima


Civitas Maxima (CM) coordinates a network of national and international lawyers and investigators who work for the interest of victims of international crimes. It operates in situations where no legal action to bring the perpetrators to justice has been successful and works in close partnership with the Global Justice and Research Project (GJRP) based in Monrovia. CM represents victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity from various countries, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. CM was registered in September 2012 as an association in Geneva, Switzerland, and is recognized by the Swiss authorities as a not-for-profit organization. CM is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information:

Position:  Consultant to Facilitate a Strategic Workshop for CM

Contract: Consultancy

Location: Home-based and Geneva (Switzerland). The Consultant is expected to be in Geneva for the duration of the workshop. Pre-workshop consultations with Management can be conducted by audio/videoconference.

Expected duration: 12 days

Deadline for application: October 15, 2023


Since its inception in 2012, CM has grown over the years, and the organization aims to prepare its new strategic plan for 2024-2027 which sets the long-term direction for the implementation of CM’s mandate. Workshop participants will comprise of the management and staff members. The intention is for workshop participants to consider CM’s activities and achievements and to define the future direction and priorities of the organization. In addition to the workshop, the consultant will conduct a desk review of the external context, familiarize him/herself with CM internal action plan, and consult with CM management and staff members to develop the final strategic planning document.

Purpose and Objective:

The purpose of this assignment is for a consultant to facilitate a two-day workshop with Civitas Maxima team (management and staff members), and to support CM develop a strategic plan for 2024-2027.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to support CM to develop a four-year Strategic Plan to ensure the organization fulfills its mandate. The specific objectives are to:

  • Assist to assess and analyze the mission, vision, projects, activities, etc
  • Assist to assess and analyze external environment and stakeholders;
  • Plan and facilitate a two-day workshop with management and staff to prioritize strategic directions;
  • Support the management in designing an organizational plan to best align with the identified strategic priorities;
  • Assist in drafting a strategic plan.

Scope and focus of the assignment:

The scope and focus of the assignment are to provide technical, strategic and facilitation support to ensure an efficient and effective strategic plan for the next four years. The key aspect of the consultancy is the preparation for and facilitation of a two-day strategic planning workshop with CM management staff.


The Strategic Plan will be developed following a participatory process.


  • A strategic plan workshop agenda and facilitation plan that clearly defines the process approach and tools to fulfill the objectives:
  • A four-year strategic plan including results, resources framework and action plan document (such as: (1) Vision, Mission Goals and Objectives, (2) Organizational Core Principles and Values, (3) SWOT analysis, (4) Organogram, (5) Strategic Directions, (6) Strategic Priorities, Approach, (7) Financial Projection (situation analysis and opportunities to diversify financial resources), (8) Implementation Action Plan for the execution of the Strategic Plan, (9) Metrics to assess progress).

Timeline and work schedule:

  • All deliverables should be completed by March 01, 2024
  • The workshop is planned for two days during the first week of February 2024
  • Desk review and Consultations with CM Management (3 days)
  • Drafting of Inception Report and Planning of the Workshop (2 days)
  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshop (2 days)
  • Drafting and delivery of first draft Workshop report (4 days)
  • Incorporating feedback and submission of final report (1 day)

Consultant selection criteria:

Skills and Competencies:

  • Demonstrated knowledge in preparation and adaptation of training materials;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in participatory approaches in conducting assessments and facilitating strategic planning processes;
  • Experience in Strategy Development for NGOs;
  • Excellent communication, facilitation and drafting skills.

Language: Excellent communication and reporting skills in English. French an asset.


The Technical and Financial proposals will be rated as follows:

  • Technical (70%): previous experiences, competence, subject matter expert
  • Financial (30%)

Application process:

Please submit proposals to by October 15, 2023, with the subject line Facilitation of CM Strategic Workshop:

  • a Cover letter in English and a copy of your CV
  • a Technical proposal responding to the Terms of Reference
  • A Financial proposal (in CHF, including itemized cost of professional fees, travel, accommodation and any other cost)
  • Copy of Strategic Plan Reports drafted by the consultant, presentations, publications, or other materials relevant to pre-assessing the relevance of the required experiences.