International Operations and Humanitarian Representation Coordinator

International Operations and Humanitarian Representation Coordinator

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Medecins Sans Frontieres International

  • Location: MSF office in CET time zone, geographic proximity to Operational Directorates preferred
  • Contract: Permanent, full-time (expected commitment minimum 3 years)*
  • Start date: May 2023
  • Deadline to apply: 5 February 2023
  • Reporting to: Secretary General

*The position is subject to the MSF International Term Limits Policy, stipulating that the holder is expected to fulfil a minimum term of 3 years, renewable once only.


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 24 sections, 25 associations and other offices together.


The MSF International has five key roles: to promote coordination between MSF entities and international platforms; to ensure transparent exchange of information and intentions for informed decision-making and accountability; to facilitate and promote coherent common representation towards external actors and institutions, donors and the general public; to provide visibility and ensure accountability of international projects, activities and decisions; to act as the Secretariat to the International Board. The role of the International Operations and Humanitarian Representation Coordinator (IOHRC), makes a strategic contribution to the roles related to Coordination between MSF entities and platforms, and external representation.

The international platforms are places where strategic discussions occur on the evolution of MSF, the challenges and opportunities we encounter and how to address them collectively. Among them, the MedOp (platform of Medical Directors and Directors of Operations), the DirMed (platform of Medical Directors) and the RIOD (platform of Directors of Operations) play a key role in leading and coordinating the medico-operational practices across the Operational Directorates (ODs).

The RIOD aims at ensuring a relevant and coordinated leadership of field operations and overall strategic orientations of the MSF Movement. It is the core international platform for sharing and debating operational practices, positioning and perspectives, as well as proactively providing leadership and guidance on MSF operational challenges.

The IOHRC chairs the RIOD on behalf of the Secretary General (SG). Together with the Secretary General (SG) and the International Medical Secretary (IMS) they play a central role in ensuring strategic coordination between the international platforms.

The IOHRC also leads the International Humanitarian Representation Team (HRT) Secretariat and network, providing support to the MSF operations through linkages and actions to and from external networks (political, humanitarian, medical, and civil society).

In the context of the MSF movement’s transformation, increasing complexity and growing number of stakeholders, the role of the IOHRC will become key in ensuring the RIOD’s leadership strategic engagement with internal stakeholders and international platforms, on relevant institutional processes and initiatives and in driving discussions on larger, long-term strategic initiatives, often leading their adoption and implementation.


The IOHRC reports to the Secretary General of MSF International and is a member of the MSF International Management Team.. S/He chairs the RIOD and leads the HRT global team, directly managing a team composed of:

  • Deputy IOHRC, with delegation to directly manage the HRT Secretariat, composed of the Humanitarian Representatives to Geneva, UN, EU/NATO, AU/Africa CDC, ASEAN, East & Central Africa, MENA, UK and US.
  • The Inter-OD Agreement Security Project Manager
  • RIOD Officer
  • HRT Assistant
  • For HRT staff based in partners sections, the IOHRC will take a collaborative approach to their management with relevant interlocutors in those sections.

The IOHRC will maintain close functionality with the International President (IP), the International Medical Secretary (IMS), the International Medical Coordinator (IMC), the International Communication Coordinator (ICC) and other International Office Coordinators. And works in tandem with the SG and IMS to ensure coherence with key platforms, including, but not limited to the Core ExCom, and the MedOps


The IOHRC is a connector and bridge-builder on strategic issues and stakeholders.

1) Chair of the RIOD

The IOHRC will prepare and chair meetings of the RIOD in order to reach the objectives as defined in the TORs of the platform in the Executive Governance. This includes but is not limited to:

  • In consultation and collaboration with other members, leads in the agenda and priority setting of the RIOD, and in doing so coordinates with other key platforms, to ensure topics are discussed in a timely and well-prepared manner.
  • Promoting innovative approaches and improvement of practices as well as evaluation of the relevance of MSF operations
  • Ensuring proactive and timely information-sharing among members, seeking coordination of different operational approaches and strategies, promoting transparency in a spirit of mutual accountability
  • Promoting the balance between collective operational decisions while maintaining the MSF plurality which allows a diversity of approaches
  • Providing direct support to the field in terms of context analysis and networking with key state and non-state actors as requested by Directors of Operations
  • Lead and frame debates and discussion on strategic RIOD priorities such as relations with states (access, acceptance, counterterrorism); climate change; migration; global health, nutrition

2) Strategic Partner

The IOHRC will be a co-owner of movement-level strategic-change dossiers ( such as the Rewards Review, organizational evolution MSFWWTB, new operational entities, , Mutual Accountability, RSA, Strategic Plan process etc), in doing so they will enable the RIOD to co-drive, shape and implement these dossiers.

The IOHRC will actively engage and cooperate with the ISG, IMS, IMC and other relevant actors on continuing to strengthen linkages between the RIOD and key international platforms: MedOps/DirMed, GHAN, APH, as well as the RH Directors and the International Communications platforms on issues of strategic value. The incumbent is expected to ensure close and regular cooperation with the HRT and the International Legal Department.

It is important that the IOHRC maintains connectivity and collaborative relationships with relevant units across the movement (OCs and partner sections).

The IOHRC will support the President of MSF International, the International Medical Secretary, and the Secretary General in their representation role towards external actors and will circulate and explain positions internally and externally, present MSF’s analysis in multilateral meetings with other actors, NGOs etc.

3) Leader of the HRT

The IOHRC plays a central role in connecting the HRT networking and advocacy with the RIOD and other international platforms in identifying key humanitarian issues of concern and their coordinated representation strategy.

The IOHRC will supervise the continued development and buildup of network capacities with internal and external actors of relevance for key long-term dossiers and provide regular updates and analysis on developments of interest to the SG, IP, IMS, RIOD and desks/cells on meetings and activities of the UN, regional organizations, key states, key non-state actors, and aid system actors. The IOHRC will support the efforts of the ODs in the mobilization of the MSF movement’s capacities for specific advocacy matters, or diplomatic/representation purpose.

4) MSF International Management Team member

The IOHRC is a member of the MSF International MT.

The IOHRC serves as a key member and leader, in support to the SG, of the MSF International Management Team (MT) and will play an active role in supporting the SG to define the priorities and activities of MSF International, including definition of annual and multiyear work plans of MSF International.

The IOHRC will inform other MSF International Coordinators on key operational issues that could affect transversal areas: medical, fundraising, HR, finance, logistics, supply.

As a manager, s/he will implement good management practices, including annual evaluations of direct reports.


  • Exerience as senior operational executive with a robust understanding of the external humanitarian and MSF-internal landscapes
  • Collaborative approach and ability to bridge, connect / establish rapport
  • Demonstrable ability in leading and taking responsibility for complex multi-stakeholder dossiers
  • Analytical ability at strategic level
  • Diplomatic attitude, neutral and patient mediator
  • Drive to foster diversity and innovative approaches
  • Facilitative and supportive management approach
  • English compulsory, at least another working language (French, Spanish)

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

At MSF, we are committed to an inclusive culture that encourages and supports the diverse voices of our employees. We welcome applications from individuals of all genders, ages, sexual orientations, nationalities, races, religions, beliefs, ability status, and all other diversity characteristics.