Human Resources Director

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Job Description

IMPACT Initiatives



IMPACT Initiatives is a Geneva-based applied research organization that supports better decision making by aid stakeholders. The organization manages several initiatives that facilitate the development of information tools and products in order to enhance the capacity of aid actors to make evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts. The IMPACT team comprises over 100 HQ-based employees, and approximately 200 employees based in its 30+ countries of intervention. For more information visit:

We are currently looking for a HR Director to join our HQ team in Geneva. The position is for an open-ended contract.


The HR Director will be supervised by the Chief Operations Officer


The HR Director oversees the development and implementation of IMPACT’s HR strategy, ensuring that IMPACT’s HR needs are met and promoting IMPACT as an inclusive, safe and productive work environment that brings then best out of a competent and diverse team. The HR Director provides leadership and manages IMPACT’s HR department, including the following units: 1) Recruitment 2) Career and internal mobility 3) Travel unit 4) Administration unit.

The HR Director’s responsibilities include the following:

1. Development and implementation of IMPACT strategy

The HR Director oversees the development of IMPACT’s HR strategy, ensuring that it is implemented in an inclusive and transparent manner, and that it evolves in line with the evolving organizational and contextual framework. The HR Director will engage in and actively contribute towards other relevant organizational strategies.

2. Promoting an inclusive, safe, fulfilling and productive work environment

The HR Director plays a key role in promoting a good work environment which is inclusive, safe, fulfilling and productive.

  • An inclusive workplace: Ensuring that the right policies and practices are in place to ensure the inclusion of a diverse group of staff
  • A safe workplace: Ensuring that all staff feel safe, that measures are in place to minimise risks to staff, and that mechanisms are in place to report and address grievances and complaints
  • A fulfilling workplace: Promoting common vision and team spirit; ensuring that learning is mainstreamed in all our work and that the right learning opportunities are available to all
  • A productive workplace: Ensuring that staff are clear of their objectives and have the right competences to achieve those.

3. Management of HR team and related processes

The HR Director leads and manages the HR team. The HR Director ensures that all HR functions are carried out in a timely manner, with the highest levels of professionalism, respect and confidentiality, and in alignment with the organization procedures and policies. These include:

  • Recruitment is carried out in a timely, efficient and compliant manner, i.e. we are able to recruit the profiles we need in a reasonable timeframe, HR gaps are anticipated and actual vacant positions are kept to the minimum possible
  • All new staff receive the right onboarding; i.e. new recruits receive sufficient information to understand processes and the environment in which they will work (pre-induction documentation, welcome package, handbook, HQ and in country induction etc.)
  • Staff competences are developed and tracked, including through learning and capacity building
  • Internal mobility is conducted and followed-up in a timely, efficient and compliant manner; ensuring the career management fosters retention and allows smooth and appropriate internal mobility to positions matching both the staff competences and experiences and the organisation needs
  • Travel is organised in a timely, efficient and compliant manner to ensure safe movements as well as minimised environmental footprint to the extent possibleHR legal requirements and responsibilities are met
  • An effective grievance system is in place; other effective feedback mechanisms are in place to capture perceptions / push and pull factors
  • Staff emergencies are followed up effectively
  • Manage and support the development of HR team members, promoting a good, transparent collaborative environment
  • Ensure regular engagement and communication by HR team with all staff, HQ and Country management
  • Lead and implement all necessary HR developments as relevant, including IT/DT solutions, manual of procedures, benefits memos, etc.
  • In coordination with Finance, ensure the effective, efficient and compliance of admin and payroll processes


  • At least 10 years of proven experience and progressive managerial responsibilities in HR
  • Previous successful experience as HR director / equivalent or overseeing HR responsibilities at organizational level
  • Previous successful management experience in international not-for-profit entity
  • Proven experience in risk identification and mitigation, and in problem resolution
  • Ability to work in Geneva
  • Written and oral fluency in English and French. Spanish and Arabic an asset
  • University degree, Higher level preferred