Research “Girls Rights are Human Rights” Consultancy – Call for Tenders

Research “Girls Rights are Human Rights” Consultancy – Call for Tenders

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Plan International United Nations Office in Geneva


Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.

Our programs deliver lasting change against discriminatory norms, policies and laws.

We listen to the voices of children in the community, especially girls whose views and needs are frequently overlooked, to ensure that our work is relevant and effective.

We work to strengthen the capacities of governments and partners and encourage them to meet their obligations towards child protection and fulfilling children’s rights. We form effective partnerships to address the systemic and structural causes of child rights violations and inequality. We also embolden young people to become active drivers of change by educating them on their rights and supporting their activism.

We aim to create impact for girls at scale through gaining a deep understanding of girls’ needs and the issues that matter to them. We challenge assumptions and pivot based on learnings, rather than conducting business-as-usual. Under this premise, Plan International developed the Girls Rights Platform, which includes the most comprehensive human rights language database. The database is the result of the previous research piece “Girls Rights are Human Rights”.

Consultancy Purpose:

Plan International recognizes that millions of girls are disproportionately disadvantaged in accessing education, health, work and in their family life – particularly in the world’s poorest countries. When multiple factors like poverty, ethnicity or disability intersect and where gender stereotyping and unequal power relations prevail, the inequalities faced by girls are magnified. This research is part of our broader global campaign to achieve equality for all girls by:

  • Effectively measuring the advancement of girls' rights in international language and policies. By assessing progress in girls’ rights language in international policy by comparing the current status of girls' rights to the previous baseline analyzed in our “girls rights are human rights” report (2019).
  • Understanding pushback in girls’ rights. In the past decade, although progress has been made, we have also seen an increase in the pushback on rights, especially when it comes to gender and diversity.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of the Girls’ Rights Platform and contributing to fundraising efforts for the platform. The research will be conducted using our Girls Rights Platform, the biggest human rights policy database in the world.

Mission Outline:

The Girls’ Rights Research Consultant is requested to undertake document analysis and, to conduct interviews to highlight policy developments from 2017 to 2024, identifying areas where girls’ rights are now recognized and integrated into international standards as well as gaps where Plan International and like-minded organizations should focus to continue this trend of protecting and enhancing the rights of girls.

More specifically the mission includes:

  • Desk research and analysis (using the girls’ rights platform), with a special focus on the intersectionality between; 1) girls' rights and climate change, 2) girls rights and conflict/ forced displacement situations.
  • Interviews with relevant users and policy makers.
  • Drafting of a report with findings and recommendations.


To Human Rights and Advocacy Officer.

Expected working schedule

See Research Girls Rights Consultant_Call for Tenders

Total number of days for the assignment: 35-40 days between April and June 2024.


3 to 4 years of demonstrated research experience in similar field. Skills should include looking for patterns, understanding database software, and being able to participate in short and long-term research projects including data integrity, communication, policy analysis and report writing.

Experience of girls’ rights in international law is desirable.

A personal interest in human rights and experience in the field will be an advantage.


Candidates are invited to submit an offer, including a description of a similar process in a previous experience, and estimated quote, with their CV to by April 7th, 2024.

Start date

As soon as possible, to be agreed by parties