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General Conditions



These General Conditions (« GTC ») govern the relationship between you (the « User ») and the Center d’Accueil de la Genève Internationale (« CAGI »), (« we », « our »), when use of our website, which is accessible online and available at https://cagi.kalyss.ch/delegate (“Website”).


These Terms & Conditions (“ CG « ) govern the relationship between you (the  » User « ) and the Welcome Center of International Geneva ( » CAGI ”), (“ we « ,  » our « ), when using our website, which is accessible online and available at https://cagi.kalyss.ch/delegate (“ Website ”).


The Privacy and Cookies Policy of the International Geneva Welcome Center Website (“ Privacy Policy ”) is an integral part of these T&Cs.



Visit of the Website . The User may consult the content made available on the Website without having to participate in the other services of the Website offered by CAGI, provided that he expressly accepts these T&Cs and the Privacy Policy.


Registration forms for social events and the CAGI hospitality program. The User can choose to be automatically invited, by e-mail, to the next social events, to the language exchange exchange, to the conferences, to the excursions of the CAGI as well as to the request for tickets for shows at the Kiosk Culturel, by completing a registration form and expressly accepting these T&Cs and the Privacy Policy. The User may unsubscribe from this service at any time by sending an email to cagi@etat.ge.ch .


Job exchange. The User can choose to benefit from the provision of the job exchange in accordance with art. 3 below.


Welcome of delegates . The User of the Website can choose to be redirected to a third-party application managed by CAGI available at the address https://cagi.kalyss.ch/delegate or through a mobile application, in order to benefit from the provision of the welcome service for delegates, provided that you expressly accept the general conditions and the relative privacy policy to this application, available here [insérer lien].


Social networks . The Website contains links to our pages available on the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo. During the use of such social networks by the User, the general conditions of said social networks take precedence over these T&Cs.


[A compléter]


All the services listed above are free.



Users of the job exchange are divided into two categories: the Candidate (the  » Candidate « ) and the employer (the  » Employer « ).



On the condition of expressly accepting these GC and the Privacy Policy, the Candidate may indicate their job search criteria through the functionalities available on the Website.


Under the same conditions, the Candidate may complete a registration form in order to automatically receive an alert, via the e-mail address he/she has transmitted to the CAGI, as soon as an offer of employment which corresponds to his criteria is published on the Website. The Candidate may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to communication.cagi@etat.ge.ch.



In order to submit his job offer, the Employer is required to create a user account by completing the registration steps provided for on the Website.


The creation of an account is effective only after the electronic confirmation of the CAGI, in particular after the sending of the confirmation.


When he/she creates an account and publishes a job offer, the Employer confirms and warrants the following:

  • He/she is a person validly authorized to represent (i) an NGO with an up-to-date profile validated with the CAGI or (ii) a Permanent Mission listed in the blue book of the United Nations Office at Geneva, as described on the CAGI website, available here ;
  • He/she undertakes to act in accordance with the law, as well as with the specific rules contained in these T&Cs and in the Privacy Policy.
  • He/she undertakes to verify that the data he/she submits are at all times accurate and truthful; if this is not or no longer the case, he/she must rectify them without delay.


The Employer is responsible for the quality, security and confidentiality of the password he/she chooses for his/her account. The Employer must use strong passwords that are a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and/or special characters. The Employer must immediately notify CAGI of any use or attempted fraudulent use or usurpation of its password and, more generally, of any breach of account security.


CAGI may block, close or suspend an Employer’s account in the following cases:

  • Any violation of one or more provisions of these T&Cs, the Privacy Policy;
  • In any other case deemed necessary by CAGI.


The blocking, closing or suspension of an Employer’s account may lead to the withdrawal of the published offer.



Users are required, when accessing and using the Website, to comply with the following requirements:

  • not to modify or alter the Website, its contents and/or its functionalities in any way;
  • not to contribute or encourage anyone to modify or alter the Website, its contents and/or its functionalities in any way;
  • do not (i) allow direct or indirect access to or use of the Website in a manner that circumvents a contractual usage limit, (ii) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website or its related systems or networks, (iv) make or run programs or scripts for the purpose of retrieving, indexing, monitoring or extracting data in any other way on any part of the Website, or (vi) decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the Website or any part thereof;
  • not to use the Website in a way that threatens the security, integrity or availability of the Website; in particular, the User shall not use the Website for (i) store or transmit infringing, defamatory or otherwise unlawful or tortious material, (ii) store or transmit material in violation of the privacy rights of third parties, (iii) store or transmit malicious code, (iv) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Website or third party data contained therein;
  • not to load or impede network traffic and/or the transit of data from, on and/or to the Website in a manner that is inadequate or greater than that required for ordinary, personal and non-commercial use of the Website, in particular at the beyond what is necessary for the display of the content and/or the execution of the functionalities of the Website;
  • not send or cause to be sent spam or unsolicited letters and/or emails to any other User of the Website, or to us, including our agents, governing bodies and employees;
  • use the Website in strict compliance with the rules of free competition and intellectual property applicable to the content of the Website;
  • not to contribute or encourage anyone to use the Website in a manner contrary to the principles of free competition and intellectual property;
  • ensure technical and legal compatibility, including updates of software and devices that are used, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Website or for its operation, in particular to display the content and/or perform the functionalities of the Website Internet.



We reserve all of our rights, titles and interests in and to the Website, including all intellectual property rights therein. No rights are granted to the User under these T&Cs.


The Website and its original content, features and functionality are and shall remain the exclusive property of CAGI and/or its licensors. In particular, the name, logos, photographs, texts and domain names mentioned on the Website are the exclusive property of CAGI and may not be used without our prior written authorization.


Any reproduction, representation, provision, communication, adaptation, modification, translation, transformation, distribution, integration into another website, commercial exploitation and/or reuse in any way whatsoever of all or part of the elements of the Site Internet is prohibited, except with the express and prior agreement of the CAGI.


The User grants a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide and free license to sublicense or use in any other way, any information, suggestion, request for improvement, recommendation, correction, as well as any post or feedback provided by the User in connection with our Website or in any form available on our Website.



The processing of the User’s personal data in the context of the use of our Website and its services is detailed in our Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of these T&Cs.



The User uses the Website at his own risk. The Website is made available to the User “as is” and “as available”.


The functionalities of the Website are provided to the User without guarantee of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose or the guarantee of the rights of third parties. In particular, CAGI is not responsible for the acts of a third party itself, an external supplier or service provider or an auxiliary.


In the event of malfunction, inoperability or any other deficiency of the Website, CAGI shall not be liable for the consequences arising therefrom.



These T&Cs, together with the Privacy Policy, supersede all prior terms and agreements relating to the contractual relationship with CAGI and are effective immediately upon posting to the Website.


CAGI may modify these T&Cs or the Privacy Policy at any time. The promulgation of new versions of these documents is announced online on the Website. New versions of these T&Cs or the Privacy Policy come into effect immediately for any User on the date they are posted online and govern the use of the Website from that date.


If any provision of these T&Cs is held to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining provisions of these T&Cs will remain in effect. In this case, CAGI and the co-contractor will agree on one or more provisions to replace it or them; otherwise, the contractual relationship will be completed according to their hypothetical will.



These GC are governed and interpreted in accordance with Swiss law.


The exclusive forum is in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland, the jurisdiction of the Swiss Federal Court being reserved.



If you have any questions or complaints regarding these T&Cs, please contact us by email at welcome.cagi@etat.ge.ch . or by phone at +41.22.546.14.00


You can also reach us by mail at La Pastorale, route de Ferney 106, 1202 Geneva.